My latest project "Roots" was inspired by the birth of my grandson Leonardo "Leo". December was a month overflowing with nostalgia. My artist roots were watered by the encouragement of my parents at a young age, the enthusiasm of my wife to pursue my God given talent; all that mixed with my personal appetite to be with my children as they grew into themselves drove me to create.  

28 years later I yearned to reflect.  Turning the pages of my portfolio, I remember doodling in class, on lined paper...what was I thinking! I came across my first high school art projects and grinned, as I remember Mr. Dvorak encouraging me to draw, paint and create art professionally. Now, all these years later I still enjoy the challenge of composition, contrast, and inspiring the viewer. My career got its start by drawing wildlife and I once again welcomed the challenge to capture the texture of fur, feathers and to encourage people to come up close and gaze into the eyes of each of the animals.   

Looking back has kindled a fire to looking forward! I am inspired to begin a very personal project that will push me outside my comfort zone, I can see now it was essential to return to my roots, in order to move forward!